An optimally functioning digestive tract is the cornerstone of good health. The gastrointestinal system provides the body with the nutrients it requires to build and maintain all of its physiological structures and biochemical functions. As a result, the origins of many health-related concerns have been traced to the gut.

Integrative Therapeutics has been a leader in gastrointestinal restoration for decades. With a comprehensive, physician-developed line of science-based nutritional supplements that have a long history of clinical use, the Gastrointestinal Restoration Program offers healthcare professionals a flexible approach to individualized patient care. The clinical interventions utilized in this program include a patient assessment tool and companion nutritional management guide, as well as a unique brochure detailing the 6 Principles for Restoring Gastrointestinal Health.

Program Tools

6 Principles for Restoring Gastrointestinal Health

Learn about the 6 principles, their application, and a targeted offering of nutritional support.

Patient Assessment Questionnaire

A subjective symptom questionnaire to identify the health of each patient’s digestive function.

Nutritional Management Guide

An interpretive companion guide with dietary, laboratory, and supplemental considerations.


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